8 Things Which you Cannot Retail outlet in Self Storage

Self storage presents comfort in a price tag that is unbeatable. It may support liberate place in your houses or workplaces therefore you have the flexibility to entry your issues anytime you want with no constraints. Having said that, not almost everything can be stored inside of a self storage facility self storage hk. You will discover products which can be prohibited by self storage firms due to regulations and regulations. Make sure to consult with the corporation in the event your merchandise can be saved otherwise you danger generating a squandered excursion down.


Weapons that may result in hurt to other folks which include firearms are strictly prohibited in Singapore and is a capital punishment. Even if you deal with to bring in firearms, you will be not permitted to hold them in self storage services due to their risky character. No provider within their right way of thinking will acknowledge individuals merchandise.


Perishable goods for instance foodstuff and drinks are normally not allowed to be held in self storage facilities until they may be in local climate and dampness managed containers. This is certainly on account of the truth that they may go negative and decay right after some time and can trigger well being challenges.

Any dwelling matters

You can banish the thought of storing residing matters such as vegetation and animals in self storage facilities. To start with, it is inhumane. Secondly, they will die and it can be prohibited by legislation at the same time.

Inflammable items

Combustible materials for example propane tanks, kerosene, motor oils, fertilizers, paints, acids and fireworks are unsafe and they are strictly prohibited. They not simply pose a threat into the user, they also could probably ruin the complete self storage facility.

Bogus items

Burglars and faux branded goods sellers just take take note. You might be not able to retail outlet your illegal issues in the self storage facility. No respectable self storage providers allows illegal or faux merchandise being saved in their facility.


Not all self storage businesses allows jewellery and other valuables for being stored within their facility. That is as a consequence of the large worth of the product or service itself. On the other hand, if storage is permitted, prospects will often should agree to specified limitations and ought to have bought their own individual insurance coverage for that products.


Aerosols can pose a risk on the facility whenever they explode. Hence, most self storage corporations forbid them to become stored in storage.

Car tires

Despite the fact that car or truck tires tend not to pose significantly of the security or health hazard, most self storage organizations forbid them predominantly as a consequence of the superior price tag incurred to dispose them when shoppers are unsuccessful to assert back again their item following their agreement finishes.

Previously mentioned are some on the prohibited goods when working with self storage services and any failure to abide by them may possibly result in instant termination of your deal and perhaps lawful troubles.