This might be absolutely an unlocked quad band cellphone (devoid of possessing finding the necessity of SIM card shipped) which could be utilized coupled with an individual’s wide variety of GSM area people vendors business.

It possesses an excellent a few inch connect to point out giving you with with at ease utilization while in the cellphone’s options, these since the some.two Mega-pixel digicam; Bluetooth audio; FM radio (despite that employing the benefit of RDS); film to your lookout at; inspecting out the web sector locale locale; acquiring a glance at e mail; battling from on line on the internet online video clip clip match titles, also an excellent present every single with the a lot more The integral options and recreation titles are Comprehending Wallet, Pipe, Wheelmania, Touring Dices, and Thomsons & Touch. If you turn the device it is possible to swap in between normal and lengthways viewing, and that really is a smart attribute.

It has a memory extension position which permits boosting of storage with a SD card of as a fantastic present as eight Gigabytes.

The product may well perhaps provide as substantially as 3 hours of talk-time. This particular LG KP500 Cookie arrives together with a worldwide battery charger plus an adapter for US supply.


Consumers enjoy making utilization within the touchscreen which in turn is termed as vibrant and straightforward to work with, and also the provision of a stylus pen that slips within the bottom within the cell cell phone comes in useful whenever inputting text.

Some people stated how they enjoy the dimension as well as weight from the device; it is said how it measures up for the iPhone since it is much much a lot more compact as well as less heavy. Moreover, people explain how the housing during the cellphone carries a rubberised feel consequently you’re not as likely to let it fall, and in addition it is apparently capable of holding up against scrapes and scuffs – a superb design feature.

People appreciate how it is quad-band and a GSM cellphone; this means it allows for an extractible simcard. For the reason that of this an individual could make utilization of a pay alongside the way SIMcard whenever voyaging overseas, and after that swap it out again wupon returning towards the United States.


If you purchase it unlocked to use during the States, the MMS (images and MP3 messaging) could well not necessarily work. Regrettably you may perhaps possibly be confined to AT&T or T-Mobile from the U.S. mainly for the reason that it seems that the various other service suppliers do not provide for GSM cell phones. Also, customers refer to trouble acquiring many purposes function in addition to their particular enterprise.

Individuals are discovering how they do not like how you have got to make utilization from the furnished headsets. They are not that terrific, and customers would definitely favor the possibility of opting to connect different headphones. Moreover, customers point out how the headset connection could fail to function properly, leading into the cell cell phone becoming frozen in headset setting resulting from the cellphone not making any outward audio (like ringtones, voice sounds, gaming sounds et cetera) and it looks as while this happens frequently.

Some folks discuss about how the camera image level of quality is not brilliant, and tends to be grainy.
Some customers complained from the absence of WiFi or 3G.

Additional issues consist of: a touchscreen that is sluggish to react; battery not retaining charge, as well as a keyboard that is very small.

The LG KP500 Cookie unlocked cellphone presents the consumer with a wide range of sophisticated capabilities which you may well typically be expecting to spend lots additional on. The item competes really well with what much additional highly-priced cell phones provide. For a small cost, anyone can take gain within the good 3″ touchscreen (with easily changed screen view – simply by turning the mobile phone). It also has hand writing recognition, in addition to many much extra superb apps.